May 20 -22

Romanian Cup 2022

Carpathian O-Trophy 2022

3 days Orienteering, Comarnic, Romania

Romanian Cup

May, 20 Long Distance - WRE; May, 22 Middle Distance - WRE

Carphatian O-Trophy

National Relay Championship; May, 21

Comarnic City Cup

May, 20 - 22; Indivdual and Relay

Romanian Cup 2022 - Carpathian O-Trophy 2022

3 stages

Forest with a good runnability, alternating with portions with diversified vegetation; some areas mainly open, with large landforms but also with fine details; slopes with a high density of microrelief; rocky walls, boulders, sinkholes; an area with lakes and ponds.

  • Forest with good runnability and areas with open land
  • Large landforms “sprinkled” with microdetails;
  • Landslides that will be avoided as obstacles, but can be used as landmarks.

Special area for orienteering, on the slide of the Gurguiata peak, important mountain foot of the Bucegi Mountains: terrace portions, determined by high, vertical rocky walls; areas with agglomerations of landmarks, rocks, towers, walls, boulders, sinkholes, hills, pits.

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Carpathian O-Trophy 2022


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Carphathian O-Trophy - one of the most important orienteering competitions from Romania.
Lucian Galateanu
Event director

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