April 29 - May 1

Carpathian O-Trophy 2023

3 WRE Stages

3th edition

Carphatian O-Trophy

April, 29th - National Urban Sprint Championship Sprint - WRE

Carphatian O-Trophy

April, 30th Long Distance - WRE

Carphatian O-Trophy

May, 1 - Middle Distance - WRE

Carpathian O-Trophy 2023

3 stages

 Friday, April 28 th
, Parallel Running & Full Map, Voila (North of Campina)
Free start between 14:00 – 15:30

Two runners start at the same time. They have one or two
different controls between two common controls. The
objective is to arrive first at the common controls. A score
will be kept. The two runners wait for each other in the
common controls and the last arrived kickstarts towards
the next common control.
Full Map Maps with all controls will be available for different classic races.

Saturday, April 29 th
, Corridor & Obligatory Route & Full Map, Voila
Free start between 15:00 – 16:00

The map contains only a corridor.
Following the corridor, the
runner will find the unmarked
controls. Be careful to stay inside
the corridor.
As a novelty to the previous
editions, the map with the
Obligatory Route will have
the same way as the Corridor. If you get out of the
corridor you can re-enter with the help of the Obligatory Route map.
The chances of success in
training are significantly
Obligatory Route
The runners must follow the
route drawn on an integral map to find the unmarked controls.
Full Map Maps with all controls will be available for different classic races

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Carpathian O-Trophy 2023


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Carphathian O-Trophy - one of the most important orienteering competitions from Romania.
Lucian Galateanu
Event director

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